Archiving COVID-19

In light of the global spread of COVID-19 and the unprecedented scale of its reach, the team here at Remembering YoU has spent much of March and April 2020 deliberating how best to be mindful of these circumstances as we temporarily put a pause on our U Street archival work to respond to this crisis as historians.

While we do hope to restart our community organizing efforts and event planning initiatives later this year, we want to prioritize the well-being and safety of our community partners first and foremost. For this reason, our team is currently working to expand a new community-based online archival network, which can be found at

The online archive is a platform where Georgetown students from Professor Chakravarti’s classes have shared their personal experience of the pandemic through photos, blog posts, and more. We are in the midst of a historic event with lasting impacts, and we hope that students will use this platform to document their differing experiences and share those stories.

We are very excited for these young students to create their own archives, and we hope that future historians will find their stories to be valuable tools for better understanding how the pandemic affected individual lives. We once again thank you for your support and patience throughout this process, and we hope to return to you with new updates soon.


The Remembering YoU Team